Only recently, a Speedmaster XL 106-6+L of the latest drupa 2020 generation for packaging printing went into operation at Mediahaus in Ahaus. Managing Director Jan Hendrik Walfort (on the right) and his print shop manager Marco Segeler expect a significant improvement in productivity

Heidelberg sets off fireworks of innovation in sheetfed offset for the digital Smart Print Shop

From April 2020, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) will be putting the most intelligent and automated Speedmaster ever into series production. The completely redesigned Prinect Press Center generation with the new Speedmaster Operating System delivers Push to Stop functionality and connection to the Prinect Cloud to every Speedmaster.

Many new digital assistance systems, such as the Wash Assistant or Intellirun on the Wallscreen XL, turn the Prinect Press Center into a modern, attractive workstation, and allow the operator to continuously call on the machine’s performance potential. However, the hardware has evolved as well.

In addition to the new and significantly larger 24-inch multi-touchscreen, the standard illuminant lighting to ISO 3664:2009 was converted to LED. Instead of time-consuming tube changes, as before, switching between standard illuminant D50 and D65 with and without UV is now done simply by pressing a button.

“Following the overwhelming success of Push to Stop at the drupa 2016, we have invested a great deal in advancing the idea of the Smart Print Shop and in taking Push to Stop to a new level” explains Rainer Wolf, Head of Sheetfed Product Management. Software development, of course, plays a key role in this. Heidelberg, however, has also heavily invested in press technology, closing automation gaps, further optimizing subprocesses, and developing new applications.

Aumüller Druck uses the new “Plate to Gallery” printing plate logistics. It physically relieves the printers and the elimination of long ways saves additional time

“The result speaks for itself, and we are proud of the innovation fireworks we shall be setting off with the Speedmaster 2020 generation to make sheetfed offset printing even more attractive and cost-effective,” enthuses Rainer Wolf, and adds “with our flagship, the Speedmaster XL 106, we have defined the term Peak Performance Class in the industry. Up to 90 million printed sheets a year are already reality today. Now, that’s what we call peak performance in practice. With our new Speedmaster generation, we offer our customers outstanding conditions to fully exploit the possibilities of modern, digital offset printing.”…

Source and more: Heidelberg

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