Heidelberg. Strategia rozwoju [ENG]

Throughout financial year 2018/2019, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is consistently pursuing its strategy of using digitization and collaborations to establish business models that deliver sustainable profitability.

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This includes, on the one hand, the move announced January 23, 2019 to reinforce activities in the growth market of packaging printing by expanding the partnership with China-based Masterwork. The intension is to expand the strong market position in this segment, better address the potential in China and Asia, and achieve efficiency improvements by further extending cooperation in production.

On the other hand, Heidelberg has also reached key milestones in the roll-out of its “Heidelberg goes digital” strategy. Following the signing of 26 contracts for the new subscription model in the first nine months, the next interim target, as previously announced, is 30 contracts by the end of the financial year. This corresponds to an order volume of approximately €150 million.

Further progress in implementing the digital strategy 

In addition, series production of the Primefire digital press is continuing and the Heidelberg Digital Unit has been created to handle the significant expansion in e-commerce sales. Future growth will also be driven by the sector’s largest and most advanced innovation center, which was opened in Wiesloch in December. Heidelberg is furthermore able to make ever greater use of its skills outside the printing sector, such as in electromobility. For example, the 1000th Heidelberg Wallbox – a new charging system for electric cars – has already been delivered. In the medium to long term, Heidelberg aims to generate approximately €50 million in sales with this product and others like it.

“We have reached important strategic milestones in financial year 2018/2019. The enhanced partnership with Masterwork opens up a great deal of potential for us in the growing packaging sector and on the huge Chinese market,” comments Heidelberg CEO Rainer Hundsdörfer. “There is strong demand for the subscription model, our digital presses have now entered series production, and we are leveraging our skills for e-mobility. This progress makes us very optimistic about the future development of Heidelberg.”…

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