Hunkeler Innovationdays w 2022 roku! [ENG]

Firma Hunkeler od lat spotyka się ze swoimi klientami, także z Polski, podczas organizowanych w Lucernie targów Hunkeler Innovationdays

The Hunkeler Innovationdays will now be held from 21 to 24 February 2022 at the Lucerne Exhibition Centre (Switzerland). The international print industry event is focused on high-performance digital printing and finishing.

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The Hunkeler Innovationdays planned for 22-25 February 2021 will be postponed by one year to 21-24 February 2022. The reason for this is the postponement of the trade fair events due to the spread of the coronavirus. Since Drupa Düsseldorf is now postponed to April 2021, an adjustment of the industry meeting in Lucerne is the logical consequence. This decision was made in close cooperation with various printer and finishing exhibition partners.

Source: Hunkeler

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