Manroland: two new cooperation partners for MARKET-X

(from right) Eric van Kessel, Walter Donkers, Alexander Wassermann, Alexander Wachter
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With the offer of qualified parts for various printing press brands from GWS Printing Systems and the competence in furniture solutions for offices, factories and workshops from SCHREIBER + WEINERT the product range offered by the online shop manroland web STORE has been expanded by two suppliers.

GWS Printing Systems and SCHREIBER + WEINERT will also offer their products on manroland web systems’ B2B online market place. The involvement of SCHREIBER + WEINERT represents a first, in that they are suppliers who do not originate from the printing industry.

The MARKET-X trading platform is the logical further development of the existing manroland web STORE and will offer existing, as well as new customers, an even greater selection of products and services. Since the commencement of the Pilot phase in August 2017, MARKET-X has been broadened by numerous suppliers and today it is raising the “One-Stop-Shopping” purchase experience for the printing industry to a new level. In order to further develop this comprehensive service, manroland web systems are consistently working on convincing evermore-qualified suppliers to participate in the B2B market place of the future.

In the cases of GWS Printing Systems and SCHREIBER + WEINERT the process has progressed successfully. GWS Printing Systems represents the acquisition of a successful partner for us, which expands our portfolio as a first step with parts for various printing press brands, as well as further printing press associated components. This represents a major success for manroland web systems.

THE provider of solutions in the web offset printing sector began providing service upgrades on third party presses several years ago. Now these customers can additionally avail of our trading platform which covers the relevant spare parts, worldwide – according to Alexander Wachter, Vice President eCommerce, Remote Services, Customer Support at manroland web systems.

SCHREIBER + WEINERT represents the first time a supplier has entered the MARKET-X trading platform, who is not directly involved in the printing industry. The company has been providing solutions for a worldwide clientele in the sector of furniture solutions for offices, factories and workshops for over 50 years.

With SCHREIBER + WEINERT we have a partner in our MARKET-X platform who is able to provide additional useful products for the printing industry as well as for other industries. We are delighted to have acquired such a strong and reliable partner – continues Wachter.

The cooperation will definitely lead to more than just the sale of pure hardware, in the medium-term. SCHREIBER + WEINERT provide excellent consulting and planning competences in the sector of space and furnishing concepts for offices, factories and workshops. What about the example of storage of spare parts in close proximity to our customer’s printing presses? Are the work places in the office space of printing houses ergonomically designed in order to enable long-term healthy work environments? Our new MARKET-X participants can deal with these, and other questions, in the future.

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