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Metzgerdruck and abcdruck choose MIS Optimus Dash

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The kick-off meeting for the implementation of an MIS solution from Koenig & Bauer at the two companies Metzgerdruck und abcdruck was held in Obrigheim in the so-called Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region of south-western Germany on 22nd February. One interesting detail: Both companies have to date used mainly press equipment from other manufacturers.

The subject of workflow gained particular significance with the merger of the two companies Metzgerdruck in Obrigheim and abcdruck in Heidelberg. Different management information systems were originally in use at each of the two locations, but the plan for the future was to replace both existing solutions. To this end, the implementation of Optimus Dash, including key process automation modules for JDF networking, sheet layout optimisation/gang forme planning, enquiry and quotation management and order processing, as well as the mobile sales solution Cloud Mobile coupled with a CRM system, is to be completed by the end of the year.

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High degree of flexibility

Management representatives on both sides recognised that the outstanding flexibility of the MIS solution from Koenig & Bauer would enable clear mapping of all business processes at both locations – for both their digital and commercial print activities and including the interfaces to existing web-to-print applications.

The strength of Optimus Dash lies in its flexible, product-oriented templates. Calculations require only a minimum of inputs and new jobs can be created in next to no time. This supports ultimate streamlining of the administrative processes and fast job turnarounds in the sense of lean management.

Innovation motor in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region

As innovation motors in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, Metzgerdruck and abcdruck are softening the divide between online and offline media, and similarly between customer and service provider. From classic print products, via web-to-print applications, through to app and website development, Metzgerdruck covers a broad diversity of processes, and it was above all for this all-embracing media competence that the company was voted among the 100 most innovative companies in Germany. The main specialisation in terms of classic print is on high-quality brochures and magazines, including in-house perfect binding and logistics services.

abcdruck has been a source of high-quality print products for 60 years. In addition to printing, the company offers lettershop and warehousing services, as well as web-to-print solutions. abcdruck is in this respect a multi-service partner for corporate communication with a focus of digital process optimisation, digital print and special applications such as letterpress.


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