Nowa Rapida 106 w Siepmann w Hamburgu [ENG]

Nowa Rapida 106 to niezawodny środek produkcji Siepmann do krótkich i średnich serii, ku wielkiej radości drukarza Dirka Beckmanna (po lewej), dyrektora zarządzającego Marka Siepmanna (w środku) i Ralfa Engelhardta z Koenig i Bauer
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W ubiegłym roku hamburska firma drukarska założona i prowadzona przez rodzinę Siepmann wprowadziła zmianę pokoleniową w więcej niż jednym sensie. Po pierwsze, Mark Siepmann przejął odpowiedzialność za codzienne zarządzanie od swojego ojca Thomasa. Jednocześnie firma zastąpiła Rapidę 106 z 2008 roku podobnie skonfigurowaną modelem z bieżącej serii. Dzięki wyższej automatyzacji nowa maszyna osiąga jeszcze większą wydajność i przyczynia się do wzrostu zdolności firmy.

Like its predecessor, the new Rapida 106 is a six-colour coater press with comprehensive automation features to enable fast job changeovers. After all, it is to be used primarily for the production of short and medium runs. Run lengths start at just 250 sheets, and there are many jobs which require no more than 500 sheets. Frequent job changeovers are thus a routine element in daily practice. “In this respect, the Rapida 106 is unbeatable,” says Mark Siepmann. Accordingly, it is hardly necessary to mention that DriveTronic SPC with Plate Ident headed the feature wish-list. The company is equally committed to sustainable resource use and environmental protection. VariDryBlue dryers, CleanTronic cloth-based washing systems and provisions for low-alcohol printing all contribute to this aim.

Special capabilities extend into packaging printing

Siepmann terms itself a commercial printing company. It is not a typical representative of this market segment, however, having built up special capabilities to serve the pharmaceuticals branch. Specifically tailored press and workflow features, in combination with all the necessary certification, qualify the company to produce several million patient information leaflets every year. These jobs ensure continuity and lay a solid foundation in terms of capacity utilisation. Further valuable business is derived from packaging production. Here, the typical numbers and volumes are just the opposite: Short runs of fine packaging for premium consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have become Siepmann trademarks.

Dirk Beckmann and his fellow printers enjoy working on the Rapida 106

The Rapida 106 must naturally offer a flexibility to match this broad product spectrum. The substrates handled by the press range from 40 g/m2 paper for the information leaflets to solid bleached sulphate board and G-flute corrugated up to 1 mm in thickness.

In digital print, all products are supplied from a run length of one. Alongside, the company has established a series of closed B2B webshops for its customers. Their staff are able to order the required products directly and can be certain that they will comply with the applicable corporate design in every detail. There is even a large-scale partner which hosts multiple webshops among their number. It is perfectly normal for the working week to commence with up to 500 print jobs received via the Internet…

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