Nowa wersja Prinect 2020 [ENG]

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is making it even easier for Prinect users to run their print shop with the new and partially cloud-based functions in the Prinect production workflow.

“A growing number of Prinect functions are gradually migrating to the cloud. By taking out a subscription contract, customers can gain access to them as and when required and based on the benefits they offer,” says Jürgen Grimm, head of software solutions at Heidelberg. “The Prinect workflow thus forms the backbone of digitization in print shops.”

Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs

Automatic planning in Prinect 2020 makes it even easier to optimize job sequences. Substrates, special colors, folding layouts, and much more are taken into account in digital planning and transferred directly to the Prinect Press Center, thereby reducing the changeover procedures that have to be carried out on the press. Operators no longer have to select and adopt jobs from the machine queue, which also reduces the scope for errors.

As of now, the Push-to-Stop concept is also supported in postpress.

This means that appropriately configured folding machines can work through several jobs one after the other, with the status of work repeatedly reported back to the Prinect system. As a result, the productivity gains that Push-to-Stop has brought to the pressroom can now also be achieved in postpress…

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