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Packaging and Labels at its Best: Digital is the Future!

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Imagine walking through the supermarket. Suddenly, you see an eye-catching packaging that is up flashing. Like it wants to say “Hey there, I’m waiting for you.” What would you do? Probably you would stop there and take a closer look. In the future, this could be possible with clever packaging and labels and even more interactive.

What is Possible With Digital Packaging

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Especially for marketing, digital packaging and labels will be even more important in the future. With digital codes you will be able to store as many additional information as they like on the packaging. People just need to put their smartphone somewhere on the packaging to take part in raffles, learn more about ingredients, origin, and production, get abatements, or get in contact with a brand, for example, through a link with social media channels.

How to get Digital Coding in Supermarkets 

The requirement for this digital coding to make its way in the supermarkets is camera scanner equipped with the Digimarc software in the supermarkets. Large retail chains are already converting. The packaging industry is also dealing with the digital watermark: „We know how it works, but as far as I know there is still no application in German trade. But that is definitely only a matter of time, „says Claudia Rivinius, Marketing Director at the packaging and display manufacturer STI Group in Lauterbach.

As nothing changes in packaging process itself, the potential for manufacturers and retailers is great. H2: Digital Labels are our Future The new Open-Monitor technology from the University Münster, wants to make packaging smarter. Let’s talk about the 0.1 millimeter high-tech sticker of up to 19 layers. Using an electrochemical process, the thin layers disintegrate within a defined period of time and make the underlying information visible. This is interesting for marketing experts in a way, that it allows time-delayed promotions to be placed: The buyer of a product activates the smart label and triggers the dissolution process. Over the course of several days, discounts, winning codes or referrals on landing pages can be revealed.

Sustainability Because of Digital Labels 

The best thing is the functions in terms of sustainability because the label should also provide information about the quality and durability of the product. Thus, a milk carton with the Open Monitor sticker knows that it has been opened, and furthermore it indicates whether it has been open for one, two or more days open. This electronic best-before date should also react to the storage: Leaving the milk carton in the sun, it indicates a correspondingly shorter life period. You can integrate helpful information for manufacturers, salespersons and consumers.

What would help you when you are in a supermarket? Would these digital packaging and labels simplify your shopping tour?



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