RotaJET firmy Koenig & Bauer do druku dekoracyjnego [ENG]

Interprint GmbH from Arnsberg, Germany, has confirmed the success of its 2014 investment decision with the purchase of a second RotaJET from Koenig & Bauer. The new digital press will be entering production at the end of 2019.

“Back in 2014, we were the first decor printer to invest in wide-format single-pass inkjet technology. That was an expression of our unbridled pioneering spirit, and we have continued to contribute to further improvements together with Koenig & Bauer over the past years. For us, it was clear that we would eventually purchase another RotaJET,” says Robert Bierfreund, managing director of Interprint GmbH.

The RotaJET 4/0 for decor printing enables significant expansion of the company’s product portfolio and will help to open up new markets. The new press is to be installed directly alongside the existing RotaJET 168 at the headquarters facility in Arnsberg.

Koenig & Bauer board member Christoph Müller:

“Digital technologies are becoming increasingly important for our customers, both in decor printing and in the packaging sector. Shorter runs, individualised products and fast time-to-market scenarios are playing an ever greater role.”

Interprint Group is one of the leading decor printers

With around 1,300 employees worldwide, of whom 390 are based at the headquarters in Arnsberg, the Interprint Group is one of the leading decor printers. The company was founded in Arnsberg exactly 50 years ago and in the meantime counts eight production locations around the world. Every year, Interprint develops more than 100 new decors.


The RotaJET series pairs high productivity and efficiency with outstanding quality. The central cylinder and superior print array design deliver optimum colour accuracy and job-to-job repeatability. The combination of precision engineering, latest-generation inkjet technology and carefully matched consumables guarantees constant print quality.

The paper supply for 4/0-colour inkjet production is realised by a Pastomat reelstand with Patras M reel handling. An intelligent web lead and optimally matched high-performance NIR dryers safeguard a high print quality even at the fastest printing speeds.


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