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Speedmaster SX 52 LED [ENG]

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They still exist, the small companies that make good money with successful business models. What is their formula for success in the era of online print shops, industry consolidation, and increasing industrialization? They have certain things in common: they are generally owner-managed family businesses with strong customer loyalty and above all a business model that is difficult to replace due to specialization.

Furthermore they use the latest and most innovative technology to be able to grow in this niche and always offer the customer the best. For production they need machines that combine flexibility and a wide variety of substrates.

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The Speedmaster SX 52 from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has proven itself in this respect in small-format offset printing in the 30×50 format. With the innovative LED UV drying technology , it also delivers the advantages of a dry sheet in the delivery and therefore immediate finishing. The end customers reap the benefits in the form of high quality, impressive finishing effects, and fast delivery.

Wiesendanger Medien combines tradition and progress

“We enjoy the challenge and have chosen to specialize in flexible materials that are difficult to print, mainly plastics,” explains Peter Wiesendanger, Managing Partner at Wiesendanger Medien GmbH. He took over the company in 1999 from his father Siegbert, who founded it in Murnau in 1969. The full-service operation made the switch to UV printing, and today its 40-strong workforce produces printed matter for cooperating print shops, agencies, and industry.

Markus Bieler (left) and his son Andreas (right) invested in the right product with the Speedmaster SX 52 LED UV. They were looked after by Philippe Andrey from Heidelberg Schweiz AG.

The company has specialized in mailshot production and built up extensive know-how, and as a result customer confidence, on the topic of data security in this context. A second focus as of last year has been the production of mouse pads, doormats, and high-quality gift boxes for high-quality gift boxes produced for a well-known provider of adventure vouchers. “These products require a high level of consultation, so we have six sales advisors on staff,” reports Peter Wiesendanger. “You can’t get that from an online print shop, and our customers are extremely loyal”.

As the ideal complement to the existing large format and for shorter runs, since mid-2017 he has been using a Speedmaster SX 52 five-color press with coating unit that supports both full UV and LED UV inks. “With this changing system I have the greatest possible flexibility and can satisfy my customers by providing them with the special products they request,” sums up Wiesendanger.

“The quality, the variety of gloss effects, and the high gloss points are simply perfect – the Speedmaster SX 52 has fully met my requirements in the plastics market.” His past experiences with Heidelberg have been good: for example, there is a Speedmaster CX 102-5+L full UV in the press room and a Suprasetter 106 in prepress. All the machines are backed up by service agreements and Wiesendanger appreciates the benefits of Remote Service, which works quickly and without complication…

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