The aim of the event was to present in one day, a high-level and non-commercial overview of the technologies available for packaging production and identify how brand owners can achieve today’s essential requirements of agility, differentiation and sustainability.

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The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive with many saying the event exceeded their expectations with the intense but valuable mix of theoretical and practical content. Based on this response, BOBST has decided to run the MASTERCLASS again this year, on October 28th 2020.

MASTERCLASS hosts Francois Martin and Paul Stoudmann, both of BOBST

“The role of packaging is changing faster than ever before, and the way brands design, pack and distribute products is constantly evolving,” said Paul Stoudmann, Program Director for the MASTERCLASS at BOBST. “BOBST has been a pioneer in packaging innovation for decades and we pride ourselves in understanding the market and our customers’ challenges and needs, and finding solutions for these.”…

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