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The value of Extended Color Gamut

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The value of Extended Color Gamut (ECG) printing in terms of graphic quality, consistency, cost and time efficiency is widely acknowledged. However, implementing a new production methodology is a process that impacts on many organizational and operational aspects along the production chain and it is a decision that goes far beyond the acquisition of the suitable printing equipment.

This is why, in line with its commitment to support its customers’ activities, at the upcoming flexo printing event hosted in the Competence Center of the production plant of Bobst Bielefeld, in Germany, on 27 and 28 February 2018, BOBST will provide visitors with an all-round experience that goes beyond the presentation and live demonstrations of the new 20SEVEN, BOBST latest CI flexo press.

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Insightful individual presentations taking place throughout the event will actively involve leading brand owners and converting companies, including Barilla, Henkel, Nestlé, Pepsico and Litoplas. They will share their vision and experience on the capabilities of the Extended Color Gamut process in terms of fulfilling brand owners’ expectations on the worldwide color consistency and quality of their product packaging, as well as on the economics and sustainability of the production process. Their presentations will be complemented by the discussions held by a multidisciplinary panel of other experts from the academic and the industrial world all along the supply chain, who will also join BOBST to share opportunities and challenges of the fixed color palette printing.

“The printing demonstrations that will take place throughout the day are a mix of commercial and mock packaging jobs with challenging multi-lane graphics. These have been chosen for the dual purpose of highlighting process consistency on our new 20SEVEN press on the one hand, and on the other to enable comparison with jobs that are printed conventionally with the 4-c process and spot colors,” says Danilo Vaskovic, Sales Director at Bobst Bielefeld.

BOBST Services presentations will be just as focused on BOBST’s commitment to innovation and quality of service. “Supporting customers in maximizing the performance of their equipment and in serving them more rapidly is an ongoing activity, along with the specialized training of our field service personnel ”, explains Mark McInulty, Service Director, Bobst Bielefeld. ”At the open house we will have live demos of our remote services available 24/7 for immediate assistance whenever needed, as well as of the latest connected services that will take place in our new facility, equipped with a dedicated CI flexo press for technical training,” he concludes.

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