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Discover the world of UV, LED and excimer technology at the world’s largest in-house exhibition for optical systems

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“Tradition meets modernity” is the motto of the ninth annual UV Days, which will take place from 13-16 May 2019 in Nürtingen, Germany. Many industries are increasingly struggling to strike a balance between continuity and change. External pressure, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and autonomous manufacturing are just some of the reasons for this. While the world around is changing faster and faster, many people are looking to change down a gear and find stability. Now the digital hype has died down, analogue is experiencing a rebirth – it’s all about ‘offline’ again!

Finishes on different materials are playing an important role in this, with high-tech meeting high-touch. From wood coatings to packaging, the multi-sensory qualities of finely finished products appeal to us on every level, and have a proven positive effect on brands and their sales. At the same time, digital progress is making the world of finishing more efficient and comprehensive. New curing and finishing techniques, individualisation in batches from the very small to the very large, value-added packaging with augmented or virtual reality and printed electronics offer more variety than ever before.

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